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We can help you  achieve immediate results that last.

How Does It Work ?

Most information we have been told about weight loss is generally out of date and quite often not true.

Each stage of our program has a specific and validated  purpose designed to achieve fantastic results that last.

The program runs for about 6 weeks , 3 weeks of dieting and 3 weeks of stabilisation of your new weight once you lose it.

Whilst the diet program is simple, it is also important to follow the eating rules correctly so you can achieve the best results.

The meal choices are very simple to prepare and generally consist of one vegetable and one protein. Simple meal choices enable the metabolism to perform at it's best so it can then burn fat efficiently.

Each food that is allowed on the program is selected due to how compatible  it is for your metabolism. Selecting foods that appear similar may result in poor results. As an example, oranges are allowed but mandarins are not, apples are allowed but pears are not. Simply follow the guidelines as specifically outlined and you will achieve amazing results.

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The steps below are designed to help unlock your metabolism to achieve quick losses. We then stabilise your weight 'set point' so that your weight loss results are long lasting. This is what makes this program so different to many others.

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Detoxify and Cleanse

Studies show that gut and liver health are important to achieving effective weight loss. We provide supplements to clear toxins and bacterial imbalances which enhance weight loss results.

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Prime Your Fat Cells

A blocked metabolism causes fat cells to be stuck in starvation mode. The body wants to then store fat rather than burn it. This issue often blocks your ability to burn fat despite all your efforts.
We have addressed this issue by using a 'fat loading' technique to prime your fat cells, making you ready for optimal weight loss.

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Unlock and Activate

Our specifically designed ‘ Metabolism Correction Formulation’ is the key to the success of the program.This formulation activates your metabolism, enabling your body to burn around 1/2 a kilo of fat each day.

90% of our clients lose an amazing 10kg or more in just 3 weeks.

All you have to do is follow the process to achieve the desired results.

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Controls Hunger and Cravings

The Metabolism Correction Formulation quickly reduces your hunger and cravings by stimulating the satiety centre of the brain, helping you utilise over 2,500 calories of extra energy each day, instantly minimising hunger.

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Stabilise Your Set Point

The goal to weight loss is not just to lose it but also to keep it off. This is often where most diets can fail us.
Reprogramming your set point allows your brain to register your new lower weight and lock it in.                                                            

This is essential for preventing rebound weight gain.

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