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The secret to weight loss is activating your metabolism

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Lose 10 KG in 3 weeks with a 90% success rate

Rapid Fat Loss Program is more than just another weight loss diet but rather a purpose built program specifically designed to activate and re-balance your metabolism.


We couple our naturally based metabolism support products with a simplistic eating plan that assists your body with moving into the fat burning zone in order to achieve amazing results.

On average you can see a very satisfying half a kilo of fat loss each day. This means over a three week period you can lose up to 10 kilo’s or more.

The program comprises of 3 stages, each with their own objectives. The weight loss stage generally takes 3 weeks. During this stage we have seen 90% of our clients achieve a loss of 10 kilos or more. The final stage is  stabilising, this is to ensure you don't put the weight back on.

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We will help you discover the foods that work best for your body and how to combine them. This is of utmost importance for successful weight loss. Eliminating those foods that can disrupt weight loss or cause inflammation is the key to taking it off and keeping it off.

The Rapid Fat Loss protocol will help you gain an understanding of your body’s specific needs in order to lose weight efficiently whilst increasing your energy and improve well-being.

You're Not Alone !

Over 70% of the population find it hard to lose weight.

This is because their metabolism has switched towards a sugar metabolism rather than a fat burning metabolism, blocking the ability to burn fat. 

This is the number one reason why it is so important to activate your metabolism before you start trying to lose weight. It is also the reason why so many fail at weight loss. Understanding how your body works will help you successfully reach your goals.

When it comes to weight loss, we know that if your metabolism is blocked ,it becomes increasingly harder to lose weight. Our specialised metabolism activating formula combined with a specific eating plan, helps correct this imbalance. Activating your metabolism this way will put your body immediately into a fat burning zone.

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