You can

Burn 10 kilos

In Just

3 Weeks

The Secret to Weight Loss is in Activating Your Metabolism...


Then Fat Just Melts Away.

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Rapid Fat Loss Program

This program is more than just another weight loss diet but rather a purpose built program specifically designed to activate and re-balance your metabolism.   

Once activated you can burn a very motivating

1/2 a kilo of fat each day

We Can Help You


Shred Around 5 Kilo's

In Just One Week ...

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Asses Your Metabolism


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How Does It Work

See how this program will work for you and why it is different.

Is Your Metabolism Blocked ?

Find out why it is often so easy to gain yet so hard to lose ?

Body Shaping Made Easy

So you only want to trim 4 - 5 kilo's ?

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Losing weight is half the battle, keeping it off is just as important !

We have taken a new approach to solving this age old problem.


Focusing treatment on correcting your 'set point' is essential for effective weight control.


Repair your body, one cell at a time!

The human body is a unique symphony of trillions of cells. How well these cells operate ultimately determines the quality of life we have.


Better functioning cells will help you achieve better energy and vitality helping keep you health. To achieve this we need to have an effective metabolism.


As functional medicine practitioners, our aim is to help you achieve perfect wellness and optimal health.


It is important to understand that the Rapid Fat Loss program is much more than just a weight loss diet but also a way to biochemically re-balance how our cells communicate via your endocrine system.

It all starts with correcting your metabolism,

the 'master hard drive of your body'.

The 'Rapid Fat Loss Program' will give you the opportunity to reset your body towards a more healthy level of function.

You will also be able to re-balance your 'set point' important in locking in your new weight level, helping you to succeed in keeping weight off into the future.

The surprising thing is that the 'Rapid Fat Loss Program' is quick and a quite simple program.

With over 70% of the population suffering from metabolic syndrome related conditions including insulin resistance and diabetes, it is increasingly important to take action with your health.


Your Not Alone.

Most people find it hard to lose weight because their metabolism has switched towards a sugar metabolism (glycolosis).


This will block your ability to burn fat and causes fatigue.

Our specialised metabolism activating formula coupled with a simplistic eating plan helps correct this imbalance, putting your body back into the fat burning zone.

We have the answer to help solve this long standing problem.